"Refurbished" Mechanic truck bodies come with a 5 YEAR Limited Warranty!

"Refurbished" Fuel and Lube truck bodies come with a 2 YEAR Limited Warranty!

Cab & Chassis come with a 100 Day Limited Powertrain Warranty!

With all of the many different service trucks out there on the market today to purchase, why buy an IMT,LLC "Refurbished" mechanic truck or fuel and lube truck? The answer is Quality, Reliability, Performance and VALUEEach service truck that has gone through our rigorous "Refurbishing" process comes out in excellant condition. In most cases our completed trucks are selling for less than HALF the cost of an all NEW unit. That is a savings of anywhere from $55,000 to $100,000, per truck! Since all of our trucks and bodies are pre-owned, they have already been depreciated, so they will hold there value much longer than any NEW truck will. Our trucks boast some of the highest resell values on the market today because of the quality and excellent condition that they are in. Call us anytime or email us with any questions that you way have.