The Process (see pictures below), here at IMT,LLC is that we take good quality name brand beds and equipment like IMT, Maintainer, Stellar, Autocrane, and Mclellan and refurbish and mount them onto new and used chassis. This is a tedious task that takes many many man hours to perform. We first disassemble the donor truck and remove the bed and equipment. Next we clean and blast the bed and parts. Then we repair and replace all electrical and hydraulics while the bed is still off of a truck chassis. Next the truck, bed and equipment goes into the paint shop. Once everything has been painted separately, the bed and equipment is then installed on the new truck chassis. Hydraulics and electrical are completed and tested. The truck chassis is thoroughly inspected and gone over to make sure that it is in good condition and meets the requirements for our powertrain warranty. Last but not least, the entire truck is detailed and inspected to make sure that the entire unit is ready for delivery to the customer and looks as close to NEW CONDITION as possible!